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Were in the lead industry field since 1940, Brief History our first factory was at Port Said Street in Cairo. In 1976 another branch was established in Shubra Al Khaimah Qalubia Governorate on an area of ​​35,000 (thirty five thousand) square meters, then our factories were upgraded and transferred to the Tenth of Ramadan City (Industrial Area) since 1996 and (industrial zone) Abozabal Qalubia Governorate. Current production capacity for our factories of lead is up to 55 thousand tons per year. Currently we produce lead-metal up to 99.99% purity. We produce all forms of lead-metal like Lead ingots, Lead sheets, and lead pipes of various diameters. Specialists in manufacture of Lead-alloys that used in lead acid batteries of automotive according to the specifications and the requirement of their manufacturers. Our factories are certified in supplying all alloys of lead to battery manufacturing companies in Egypt Where we have the latest device for spectral analysis of samples and computerized calibration of Lead & Lead-Alloys according to international standards.

Specifications & Brands