Spaan flex
Spaan flex March 27, 2022 admin

Span Flex is a flexible plywood that can be folded in all directions. It is used in applications that have many curves to cover ceilings and walls, [...]

Spaan Board
Spaan Board March 27, 2022 admin

Spaan Board They are wooden pieces pressed so that they are affixed by chemical materials to be treated industrially and then pressed in mechanical [...]

Spaan Ply Wood
Spaan Ply Wood March 27, 2022 admin

Span plywood is a plywood of layers with very high specifications, made from the inside using a kind of moisture-resistant glue. As for the external [...]

span fire
span fire January 13, 2022 admin

SPAN FIRE They are pressed wooden pieces that are glued with chemicals to treat them Industrially, in addition to other materials to resist fire for [...]

vibera January 13, 2022 admin

Fibira is made of small pieces of hardwood and glue (MDF) boards They are combined by pressing wood fibers and then flattened under high temperatures [...]

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